A national organization committed to excel Cricket in Canada


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Board for Control of Cricket in Canada, as a national organization, is committed to develop and excel the game of Cricket to its highest level, by facilitating to build cricket facilities in major cricket playing centers, by organizing coaching and training centers and camps across Canada, by establishing a National Championship geared to identify the first class cricketers in Canada as well as to become the leaders in hosting national and international events in Canada.


The first ever international cricket team to visit Canada was in 1859, followed by

Edgar Willsher (England) in 1968, MCC (England) in 1872, Australia in 1878, Richard Daft’s (England) in 1879, Irish 1879, EJ Sander’s (England) in 1885, Lord Hawken’s (England) 1891, PF Warners’s 1898 and Australia in 1913.

Sir John A. Macdonald, the first prime minister of Canada has declared Cricket as Canada’s national sport in 1867. Cricket however was played in Canada 225 years ago 1785. The oldest ( 168 years ) international competition in Cricket known as “Auty Trophy” was played between Canada and the USA in 1844.

Today, Cricket in Canada is amongst the firs 50 top sports out of 147 sports being played in Canada. Cricket is played in almost all of the provinces of Canada. Canada is the member of Internal Cricket Council (ICC) and Canadian team has qualified for Cricket World Cup since 1979.

With this impressive background, Canada is still struggling to have a credible Cricket organization and Board for Control of Cricket in Canada (BCCC), a national organization, is committing to excel the game of Cricket in Canada.